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  • Production

    Partnering with major production and distribution powerhouses, Johnson & Hunter provides superior products offering a wide range of sizes and finished products. We offer paperback, hardback, black and white interior, and color interior.

  • Cover Design

    Because people do judge a book by its cover, it is important to make your book stand out from others. Johnson & Hunter works with each author to design and create an aesthetically pleasing cover that will get potential readers to pick up your book.

  • Editing

    A good editor will respect your writing style and the overall tone of your manuscript while correcting grammar, removing redundancies and sharpening your work. Johnson & Hunter provides editorial partners who will help you improve and enhance your work to achieve the best final product.


  • Marketing

    Having a great book but not having an equally great marketing plan dimishes the time and effort you've taken to get this far. Johnson & Hunter will help you develop winning strategies for getting your book to your prospective readers.

  • Distribution

    Using the distribution strength of our partners, your book will gain maximum exposure in over 100 countries. Distribution options range from print-on-demand to order fulfillment to mass production and delivery. We can accommodate your needs for full distribution on privately managed distribution.